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Promoting Awareness

About Crimes and Trauma

Clear Creek County Advocates

Who We Are

Clear Creek County Advocates is a non-profit agency in Clear Creek County Colorado that began as an agency assisting victims of Domestic Violence in 1987. Since its inception, the agency has grown over the years to include assistance with Sex Assault and all “Victim Rights Crimes”.

We also respond to death calls, both natural and suicide, missing hikers, avalanches, fires, search and rescues, or any other incident where there is a survivor of a traumatic incident. Our organization consists of three staff governed by a Board of Directors. More importantly, our brigade of well-trained, dedicated volunteers stand ready to assist victims and survivors of crime and trauma.

Board of Directors


President - Glenn Hardy

Vice President - Christopher Gould

Secretary - Donna Kline

Treasurer - Nathan Buseck

Legal Advisor - Employers Council


Andrew Lorenz

McKenzie Langelier

Mailing Address for Board Members:

PO Box 21, Georgetown, CO 80444

How We Can Help

Our services are provided through federal and state grants, and gracious donations from the community. We work closely with multiple agencies and organizations to stay informed and to offer the best restorative services available in Clear Creek County.

All services we provide are free of charge.

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