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Warning signs that someone may attempt suicide

You can’t see what a person is feeling on the inside, so it isn’t always easy to identify when someone is having suicidal thoughts. However, some outward warning signs that a person may be contemplating suicide include:

-talking about feeling hopeless, trapped, or alone

-saying they have no reason to go on living

-making a will or giving away personal possessions

-searching for a means of doing personal harm, such as buying a gun

-sleeping too much or too little

-eating too little or eating too much, resulting in significant weight gain or loss

-engaging in reckless behaviors, including excessive alcohol or drug consumption

-avoiding social interactions with others

-expressing rage or intentions to seek revenge

-showing signs of extreme anxiousness or agitation

-having dramatic mood swings

-talking about suicide as a way out

It can feel scary, but taking action and getting someone the help they need may help prevent a suicide attempt or death.

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